Full Stack Developer: https://www.indeed.com/q-Web-Developer-jobs.html?vjk=c8b8491c89393db2

Skills include extensive programming knowledge of HTML, Javascrip, CSS, JSON, etc; as well as hosting. Full Stack Developers embody the lessons learned in COP4813, Full Stack development is web develpment.

Front End Web Developer: https://www.careerbuilder.com/jobs-web-developer?pay=0&siteid=cbnsv&emp=ALL&posted=30

Skills were posted as follows.
Write code in frontend technologies including HTML5 and JavaScript specifically React.js
* Write code in backend technologies PHP, CakePHP, and more
* Write code in backend databases including SQL Server and MySQL
* Develop web page layout using CSS and supporting frameworks
* Participates in organizations Source Control system (GitHub)
* Create Web Services using RESTful APIs
* Testing and debugging web applications and code
* Maintain websites by performing updates, fixing issues and changing code as needed
* Assist in the design and definition of new features for web applications
* Maintain knowledge in emerging best practices, tools and standards
* Communicate technical information effectively to other team members
* Have the ability and the want to take an unfamiliar technology and pick it up quickly
* Work in a cross-functional team alongside other IT team members including developers, project managers, and business analysts
* Assist in identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and effectiveness of development processes

Software Develper: https://www.monster.com/jobs/q-web-developer-jobs?page=1&geo=27.8823821%2C-82.0407137

The posting for this job is general however it requires a Bachelors degree to qualify.
The course of this Bachelors degree included all facets of programming to help culminate in coding literacy
for most coding languages.
With a more than fundamental undertanding of mathmatical principles; learning programming
languages to complete functions has become streamlined. While not a particularly high paying
job this would be a perfect beginning job for fresh graduates with a BSIT.